Memofon: Mind Maps From Text!

Memofon LogoOften you face great difficulty in creating great looking content from a simple resource. You have always desired to have a good to- do list or your own personal wiki which you can share it with your friends. Thus, here is a website for you that help to learn and mind maps. Memofon is a tool which assists you to draft notes, learn and mind maps. It helps you to transform your simple looking text notes into great looking mind maps with themes support.

Thus, now you can create good looking learning and high quality knowledge sharing content from easy wiki based mark-up. Track your tasks in progress, mind map themes, share your knowledge with your friends, draft your own pros-cons lists, and mind mapping. Memofon help you design your own personal knowledge wiki, drafting of mind maps through simple Markdown mark-up, mind mapping which works like pros –cons and themes your mind maps with Boots-watch themes, creates a simple text format to design to do list with progress tracking and creates linked mind maps, refcards and presentations.

Thus, it eases your burden and helps you to create better thing via simple mark-up rules including modern colour themes. Many a times, you search for a tool which could easily transform your simple notes into something extraordinary. Well, memofon eases your problem and that too without spending a single penny. All you need to do is just sign up for the website and or even play with your text without any registration. It is the ideal platform for text based mind mapping, note taking and learning tool.

With a simple transformation, you can easily transform your content into an impressive style which will be eventually beneficial for your business process, your own help and for the purpose of sharing. Thus, memofon is the right place for you to get all kinds of mind maps, to-do list, pros cons lists easily designed for you in no time. You can get instant benefits with a marvellous tool for all kinds of documents you want. So, just sign up and go ahead with crisp transformation.