Danggle: Get All You Want With Your Friend’s Support!

Danggle LogoWhile shopping, you often get a thought that you share, discover and group fund a particular item you want. Danggle is a cooperative social commerce engine with a group funding platform that is designed to change the way of pooling funds and giving gifts. It permits the users to share the collection of their wants, find amazing new products and design “Pitch Ins” for anything in the virtual world.

All you need to do is just bookmark the things from your web browser or from Danggle app of your iPhone. Add all your collections and start a Pitch In. Share it with your friends and allow your friends to contribute for your special want because they truly care for you. Their minimal contribution could help you get things you desired long for. Danggle allows you to share this friend’s contribution message via Facebook, Twitter, Email as well as SMS. To create a better impact, it allows you design a dedicated page for your friends. Your friends can interact, comment and directly contribute their bit to your Pitch In.

With a simple, intuitive interface, Danggle allows you to go for group funding via social networking platforms. Thus, it is a simple, easy and fun way to get what you really desire, share what you love with your friends and find cool and interesting products posted by the other. You can even add the products you like from your friend’s list. Though the app is at present supported only by the iPhone, yet it has gained popularity. Danggle is expanding and soon it will be seen on Android devices too.

So, share your desires with your friends and get what you really want with their support. Every friend counts at Danggle. Thus, make the most out of it. Ranging from shoes, T – shirts, jeans, bags, ladies wear and much more, Danggle offers you everything. All this could be yours with your friends support. So, the site is worth a try to see how many friends value your emotions. It is truly a friendship tests from your side to all your friends.