Joistapp: Now Manage Your Invoices And Estimates While You Are Flying! LogoAre you an upcoming businessman? Do you wish to outshine every competitor of yours? Are you getting scared of managing your invoices and estimates while you are on the field or flying? Well, there is some good news for you then! Read below., a Winnipeg startup, equips you with the latest technology with which you can access you estimates, invoice and manage simply everything when you are on board. Basically it is an amazing tool for service companies and the contractors who mostly work on the fields. increases your efficiency as you are no more required to do double shifts to your work. You can easily access everything from your site and make more deals.

Usually contractors spend most of their day moving around and closing deals. Often they are seen with clipboards or big notebooks in their hands. And then they take back these “notes” to the office and organize all the information into Excel sheets either by themselves or appoint someone else to do it., a tech savvy site, looks around to solve this problem. It is a mobile application that the busy contractors can operate on their iPhones, iPads and Android phones. The application allows the contractors can create invoices and estimates, manage their projects and even make payments when they travelling for their business purposes.

The app is very easy to operate. You just need to input the materials placed on your estimate list. It instantly calculates the invoices while you are dealing with your clients. You can immediately mail this or print it and deliver it to your client. The app also allows you to manage your bills. Moreover, you can even collect your payments for your invoices via your iPad. Then you can review your performance of the day and relax. Thus, joist simply halves your work.

With joist you can ditch those Excel sheets and never-ending paper-work. It helps you become more professional and prolific in your work. It provides you with the updated encryption technology and maintains a back up for all your data.

So Joist is an upcoming brand which helps you get flexi with your business. It is a must try!