Blowfile: Store Data With No Strangeness!

Blowfile LogoDo you need a good storage system with no strangeness? Blowfile provides you with a private FTP facility which integrates less price and high quality for end users. There are thousands of amazing files storing, sharing and integrating websites which provide a wide variety of excellent features, but sometimes all you need is a reliable and private place to store your data and just share with a few trusted people. Blowfile helps you do exactly the same.

All you need to do is sign up and open an account and link to your space with the help of FTP client which you want. Just upload all your data and leave it for as long as you desire. Share it with anyone you want. The best part about your Blowfile account is that it supports unlimited bandwidth, limitless transfers and 3 synchronized connections by one user. The site ensures that your data remains protected and locked down with highest privacy. It is highly flexible. You can upgrade and downgrade your storage capacity anytime you want. It is simple and requires no proprietary software or new base for the end users to deal with.

Thus, you can store 100 GB of data just for $5 without any additional charges. The transfers and bandwidth are not billed and are absolutely free. Thus, if you need a simple storage space with no complications to store your data files at the most cost effective rates. It creates a familiarity between the end user and storage space which makes the user feel that it’s his private storage space. The user can store the data for as long as he wants. The first 100 accounts will get 5GB space free for a year.

So what are you waiting for? If you really need a private, safe and friendly storage space then Blowfile is the right place for you. The sign up process is simple and cheap. With a reliable and accurate storage system, your files are secure. So, try it now and see how it is different from the other storage spaces present on the interest in terms of features and rate.