Librarika: Your free Library Information System Online!

librarikaDo you wish to create your own online library but thinking of the high hardware and software costs involved? Here is a solution for you, Librarika. You can easily create your online library at Librarika without any involvement of hardware, software or infrastructure cost. The best about the site is that it is 100% free for up to 2000 titles with multiple library branches.

Making online library at Librarika is easy and does not require any technical skills. The site offers diverse features to help you create instant and efficient Library Management System online for the world. With built-in OPAC facility, intuitive reports services, simple and user friendly navigation, the site offers easy and secure approach to create effective libraries. The Biblio data integration with Open Library is an extraordinary online facility which the site offers.

Librarika is a SaaS based intelligent Library Information System, which is organized on the Cloud. OPAC helps in the easy management functionalities of Librarika.

Sometimes it gets very difficult for small and medium libraries to handle installation of the library software. Even with the launch of library software, OPAC management gets quite hectic in software due to the lack of infrastructure. Librarika aims to make this easy and simple so that people can leverage the power of this LIS platform.

The site is for everyone. From University Libraries to school, college and family libraries, you can maintain all kinds of libraries through Librarika with endless possibilities. Universities such as Presidency University, America Bangladesh University, British America College and Metropolitan College are already using this LIS platform.

Librarika is well known for its data handling technique, it mechanically gathers cover photos and various biblio data from renowned source from all over the world. The site aims to make biblio data generation as simple as possible for library managements. Thus, get a simple and quick Library Information System with no installation and maintenance burden on a safe and secure platform.

A must us for librarians and library officials! It is the easiest way to manage your bulky libraries without any problem.


JasminAkhter Really it is awesome :)