Storifix: Create And Share Your Ideas in Different Ways!

Storifix Logo0Wish to share your creative ideas with everyone? Come to Storifix. It is a social podium which has been established to assist artists and creative people publish their posts on the internet in a delicate way via digital flipbooks. Thus, the sole purpose of this site is to help you make and share your designed digital flipbooks with your family and friends via social networking. It is completely your choice to choose the subject of the flipbook; it could be anything you want, without any theme or pattern.

You can design scrapbooks, photo books, graphic novels, ebooks, and blogs, in the format of flipbooks. Include images along with descriptive texts along with different fonts and colour with labels annotated to give them a better look. The posts every picture is in the form of flipbooks, so whoever joins the social network comes up and start posting. However, the site primarily targets the creative people from the various fields of photography, writing, blogging and illustrating. So, if you ever desired to get your creativity in the form of photography or content in the form of flipbooks for free.

Thus, if you ever wish to share your art work with your friends, then Storifix is the right place for it. With cool filters and text labeling, you can make your pictures more informative and stylish. It offers you a variety of effects providing a unique experience. So, do what you want to, share it with everyone and spread over your creativity. You will definitely be amazed to see your work online.

With an easy user interface and user friendly navigation, Storifix provides you with the best experience of presenting your skills on the internet publicly. So why wait, be it anything, any picture, any of your artwork, design a flipbook in any form and present it to your friends and family and get their comments. You will be amazed to see the great responses. Flaunt the skills which you possess in front of everyone. Try it now! It will surely help you enhance your work and its presentation.