Cantanding : Online Karaoke For Free!

Cantanding LogoDo you sometimes wish to sing along to the songs you like? If yes, then contending is the right site for you to visit. It is a free karaoke site on the internet which provides an array of songs for you to sing on the internet. The best part is you also find lyrics and video clips for free.

Cantanding offers you the service to listen music online, view free videos along with the lyrics. In case, you are looking for some special song, the site has a search box which you can use to search a karaoke song or else go any song present in the long list in front of you and choose any randomly. Thus, Cantanding is the first and foremost free real-time Karaoke which allows users to listen music online without any downloading and view lyrics online without any registration. The best thing about the site is that it has all kinds of songs available in from every country. Be it English, Japanese, French, Italian or Spanish songs, you get a direct access to all the music of the world for free.

There is no downloading involved, no plugins, no add-on or any kind of registration required. The working of Cantanding is simple. With easy navigation and smooth interface, you can easily the site on your Smartphones too. It is compatible with Android, iPad, iPhone, Desktop, Smart TV PlayStation 3 and Mac. Now, you can easily search for the songs you love, sing them along with the right lyrics in front of your eyes, share all the karaoke music with your friends and have fun in Cantanding.

Thus, for all the music lovers who love to sing, but cannot find the right place to enjoy their singing hobby. This online Karaoke is a real time help with lyrics and videos. Play any song which you like and hear it for as many times as you want without any hassle of downloading or plugins. It is a great hub for all music lovers and passionate singers. You will simply love it. You will love the experience.