Twenty Tweet : Enhance Your Social Media ROI!

TwentyTweet LogoSo many times you just wonder how to track your performance and rating in the social media ROI. One of the strongest trackers to analyze your performance is TwentyTweet. It tracks, observes, measures and increases the performance of the social media ROI. Now you can easily compare and see the influence with its help. It tracks timeline and tweets of the various social media networks, analyzes the data of your social networking sites with strong graph equipments and envisages the consequence of the various social networking campaigns. It helps in comparing and increasing your performance with any of your business competitors or friends.

Using social media regularly makes you addicted to the stat from the different social networking websites and sharing tools. Finding out via a manual report is quite tiresome as you have log in and log out from several accounts. But, TwentyTweet proves to be a powerful tool to render instant overview of the impact of your twitter activities. It displays the most efficient tweet campaign as well as the least efficient tweets on twitter.

It aggregates the total figures from the various social services, providing you the complete picture of what is going around you on the Internet – everything at one place. TwentyTweet keeps an eye on who is benefitting and who is losing the maximum followers, who holds the greatest number of retweets and focuses on the short as well as the long term viewpoint of social media data.

The amazing features of TwentyTweet include a number of tweets for every day, what is being shared, activity account and services, bespoken pie charts for a lump sum data, creation of group followers for better comparison results, and display of the maximum and minimum successful tweets. It makes use of official APIs to calculate and accumulate your data.

The site provides you with the perfect sight about yourself as well as your competitor’s social activities. Thus, if you wish to know your social stats, then TwentyTweet is the right place for you! Analyze and measure, compare and get your results in minutes without any hassle.