CheckTheCrowd : Rate The Crowd Now!

CheckTheCrowd logo0Often you find websites rating restaurants and bars, its fooding, and quality of service, but have you ever tried to find out what kind of people visit that restaurant or bar? Is that place worth your visit? What types of people are seen there? These days where every place is not safe to visit especially for girls, you need a proper judgment of the crowd where you are planning to go. CheckTheCrowd is the place which allows you to rate the various places on the basis of their attractiveness and hanging out facilities at a particular time.

Find out about the crowd which is hanging out at the place where you wish to go. Use CheckTheCrowd and find out all about the place and the crowd it holds. It is quite simple and easy. Just go to the concern. Find the people of your interest and preference and rate it as per your choice. You can rate the people in between 1 to 10, rate the crowd as per its attractiveness and submit your report. If you choose to visit a place, just search for it and see what other people have written about it.

All you need to do is create an account and share your reports with others and get updated with other’s report. It is available for free. This is the true way in which you could share your car to humankind by warning them about a place which has more wicked people or encouraging them to visit a place with a good crowd. The site allows you to update all kinds of reports you have for a place. You can even share the reports on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. CheckTheCrowd is also available on Google Play Store which means you can even access the app on your mobile phones.

CheckTheCrowd is a great step for everyone. Now you no longer have to worry about visiting a wrong place with your family. Just browse on your phone, find out about the place and then decide whether it’s worth going or not. Browse it now for your next destination!