mybucketz : Unify Your Social Media Network!

Mybucketz logo0Are you tired of logging into different accounts every time you sit on your computer? Are you in search of something which simply unify all your social media accounts at one place and render great convenience to you by not remembering all the details every time you sit at the computer? Here is a solution, mybucketz. It is a simple app which unifies all your social media accounts, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Digg or LinkedIn and combines all the feeds at one central destination.

Mybucketz is not only a website which integrates all your social networking profiles, but on the other hand it also permits you to group your friends or fans across all these social networking sites into one single bucket. Bucket could include your colleagues, friends, family, or just with a common description called movie. It is displayed on your dashboard to allow you to get connected to the social website feeds displayed on your desktop and permits you to answer on every post in real time.

Thus, it is a great app to stay connected to all your social networking updates on one window. Those who surf on their Smartphones, it is a real help to them as they don’t have to turn up the tabs to answer on different social networks. Just sign for mybucketz and set up the connections of different websites which will automatically create the mybucketz link app to your social media accounts. Organize the page or add, remove, or set up the bucket items as per your preference and get connected with all your social media friends via one app.

It offers a real time update of the post (the most recent ones). You can comment, tweet, answer, blog, follow, add them to your favorites etc. as per your social media type directly via mybucketz app. Thus, mybucketz is a real time help for those who are socially active and wish to be updated with all the happenings of their friend’s circle or the world. With so many benefits, one definitely should try mybucketz and get the privileges of multi socializing techniques at one place.