iVideon : Perfect Solution for Video Surveillance!

iVideon logoDo you ever think what your workers are doing in the office behind your back? Ever felt the need of video surveillance? Now, you don’t have to worry! iVideon allows you to view what is exactly going on in your office behind your back.  iVideon helps you to create a great video surveillance system over the Internet. All you need to do is install a desktop or laptop with a webcam or go for IP camera in your home as well as office and watch videos anywhere on the Internet. It not helps you solutions in your personal life but also in your professional life. You can watch the videos live or check the archived recorded ones.

A great thing about iVideon is that it does not need a static IP address. The server of iVideon connects the camera to iVideon Cloud and allows you a direct anywhere virtually. If you use LAN and access your camera, then you only need to use the free app iVideon Client with as many cameras as you like and this service is absolutely free. You simply don’t need any special training to set up an iVideon Surveillance system. Plus, this facility does not involve any expensive gadgets; all you need is iVideon software, which is available for free.

It renders amazing services to the users. You can connect as many cameras as you want and highlight them on Google Maps too, grant access to cameras to other users too and adjoin the videos on your blog or website. iVideon is the primary international cloud service for video surveillance online. It is a Russian online Video surveillance service which offers cloud surveillance service to anyone. Now you don’t have to worry about what going at your home behind your back. You can easily keep an eye on your kids and elderly people when you are way from home.

iVideon renders high quality services at highly affordable price. if you wish to create a complex video surveillance system then iVideon offers you with amazing tariff plan. Watch videos, receive alerts about their status, archive them in the cloud storage and avail additional services.