Reamaze : Easy Cloud Helpdesk!

Reamaze logo1Reamaze has made Cloud Helpdesk easy and simple. It is light in weight, renders amazing support at low speak and the best part is that you can operate it through your email ID, Facebook and Twitter account. The best part about Reamaze is that it extends it supports beyond email and presents the users with real time conversation. It increases transparency in teams.

Reamaze takes care of the complexity of sending the right conversation to the right social networking address or Email address. You can easily reply to all kinds of conversation directly through their own email. The simple aim of Reamaze is that it brings customer relationship administration back to where it existed for small business. It is all about having an effective interaction with the customers in person. It is simple, intuitive and important for all business. It is an intimidating way to carry conversations with clients wherever they are and keep a trail of who they are!

Reamaze helps you to manage contacts, report, and search, participate, be socially active, interact, report and acquire knowledge about your team and its activities. It is a mobile efficient device which can function on any device via your browser. It allows customers to explore for their own answers in the public knowledge base and personalize the support center to reverberate with your brand.

Reamaze allows the clients to commence a conversation on the website or on the application he is using. It adds identifiable characteristics the profiles of the customers and easily handles their value to the business. The best part is that Reamaze attaches a custom data block with the specific client’s information in the conversation. The more the context, the better support it generates.

The best part it is available for free. All you need to do is sign up and thus get an account sub domain. Thus, Reamaze is the bridge which creates a wedge between customer support and customer relationship management. It strengthens the bond between you and customers through better help via striking a great conversation between them. It is very simple and convenient and highly beneficial for your business.