TrackChat : Chat with Client’s of Your Website!

TrackChat logoMost of the times, the website owners wish to interact with the visitors who browse through their websites to find out what they think about their brands, their feedback and most importantly to create brand loyalty. TrackChat allows you to do that. It helps you to chat with the visitors which visit your website by simply adding a chat with us box the lower bottom of your website. The moment you get offline, the chat window is replaced by “Contact Us” label.

All you need to do is sign up and establish the code provided to you on your website and upload the chat program. TrackChat allows you to chat live with the traffic which visits your website. The best part is that it is available for free for a 14 day trial package. TrackChat helps you to increase your sale and track down what works for your website and what need needs to be changed to attract more and more visitors and increase the sale eventually.

TrackChat provides you with proper details of the visitors, along with the success. It grants you the benefit of automatic chat, if you are not available online along with CRM Integrations. The best thing about TrackChat is that you can chat from anywhere via computers, websites or Smartphones. Every visitor who visits your website is shown in your contact list with their city and IP Address and complete information about what operating system they are using.

Thus, TrackChat is the right companion for you to find out more and more about your visitors, their preferences, feedback and expectations. It increases your sale eventually along with great consumer loyalty. Whenever a person browses your website, it will automatically get displayed in your contact list and when they type any message or query or feedback, it will ultimately get displayed as a new chat on your screen. TrackChat proves to be your ultimate guiding light in giving your website a makeover the way your visitors want it to be to increase the sales and profits of the website. Why not, give it a shot by going for the free trial!

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