: All about You! logoSocial networking is in trend these days. It is the basic medium to stay connected with your friends and relatives these days. But, apart from the concept of keeping in touch with your near and dear ones, it also helps those who work online in promoting themselves, their work, their website as well as their blog via an enormous variety of social media. While a few people were lucky enough to get the short forms of their names on Flip board, LinkedIn, and Facebook and Twitter others weren’t so lucky. If you wish to unify your message and send it to all the audience you want to target but you actually don’t have any idea bout their preferred platform, then you always had to mention about a 7 line email signature depicting your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and G+ profiles along with your email address or blog name. But not anymore! is here to simplify your task. Now you can easily unify all your social network accounts, websites and blogs at one location and get a clean account with your image, qualifications and other details. provides you with tags which allow your audience to follow you on their preferred social media. It provides you with a catchy and amazing URL which you can get printed on your social card and add it as your email signatures. Now you don’t have to remember each and every address of your multiple networks. You don’t have to sacrifice the user name which you wanted for yourself but someone else has already made it his. In addition to that, you are provided with distinct web tools which allow you to add a social icon strip without the problem of linking every network individually. solves your problem of handling different usernames by giving you one username for your social business. It integrates all your social networking sites on one page. You can use the username on your card or as your email signature. Hosted by CDN, is amazingly fast. Frankly speaking, is about you! is not about marketing. It is designed to help you get a username which you actually desire. It does not spam your email nor displays ads on your account.

Just log in with new any of your social networking ID and automatically extracts your information and makes a profile for you. You are free to add as many social media as you want. Use it once and see the comfort you receive.