Live City: Gather Details About Every Event!

LiveCityAppYou always wish to stay updated with the happening in your city, don’t you? Sometimes you think of places to go, sometimes you wish to explore new things but are confused about where to go. Randomly when you sit with your friends and wish to go on out together, you sit and browse through various websites to gather info regarding the latest events of the town. But not anymore! Now you have an app which gets you every detail of the events happening in your city. Live City app collects events from the most well known and reliable resources and bring to you in a systematic and categorized manner to your Smartphones.

Live City brings the whole world at the tip of your fingers. It facilitates you to navigate through the events with the help of a map, perform complicated searches, highlight the events which are of your interest and share them with friends through social networking sites. You can search for events with a particular geographical area, event category or any other keyword search in the search bar and get related event notifications and email alerts.

You can easily get connected with your Facebook as well as Twitter accounts. It is social media friendly; user centered, well prearranged, provides global coverage and facilitates manifold profiles along with instinctive navigation. The best part is you can use it at any point of time and anywhere. Just browse this app on your mobile and get instant results. It is the best app to provide up to date detail of every event happening in your city.

You can find out what’s going on in your city or anywhere around the world. Live City updates you with the latest happening in the town. It facilitates you to know the area through easy navigation. Just share what you are up to with your friends and invite them too to the same event. It is fun. So, download this app now and see the variety it offers you. It is the best event searching app till date as it provides you events of all over the world. Browse the app and search for the latest event today!