TippingCircle: For Simple & Easy Personal Payments!

TippingCircle LogoAre you tired of your mode of payment? Do you feel the need of a simple, social and secure mode of personal payments? If so, then TippingCircle provides you with easy and simple methods of payments. TippingCircle is a service which permits users from all across the world to send and receive payments via their social contacts. All you need to do is register for free. You can also sign in with your Facebook as well as Twitter accounts. It provides you the facility to create your social wallet in no time. With the help of this payment and fund raising has become so easy.

Do you owe your friend to give you a treat? Do you ever need immediate cash to give it to someone and you don’t have enough of it just now? TippingCircle provides you with amazing features to send and receive cash. It you wish to send money, you can easily send a tip to one of your social contacts from your social networking site or anyone with a valid email address. It provides the recipient with an email which directs your connection to PayPal where they can log in and easily claim the money. If you don’t have a PayPal account, immediately make one and accept the money. The same way TippingCircle helps you to get a payment. It allows you to receive an email which will direct you to the payment pay where you can tip.

TippingCircle is software which empowers you PayPal account. It is a social networking payment method which provides you with simple and safe money exchanging with your friends, family or anyone whose email address you know. Create your own social payment profile with the help of apps to tip your connections, share bills, raise funds for an event, set group payments, or assist tipping buckets to help others via TippingCircle’s  social help network.

It is the best way to make your payments go social and popular through secure medium. Whether you need to repay your friend, handle any personal payment, donate to a tipping bucket, and just connect your personal payments with your social network. Avail the benefits of sending and receiving money in the best possible way through your social networking contacts.