Dakwak: Services As Developers, Marketers and Translators!

dakwak logoIn the era of globalization, everything is progressing  rapidly at a high pace. The whole world has contracted like a small town and  anything around any nook and corner of the world is now accessible. The technology of the internet has also provided utmost assistance in bringing the people near. As it is well known that every strata of the world is diversified in different languages. So , it is very inevitable to get a good translator in order to understand every language.  So, Translating the language of the website is the perfect job of ‘DAKWAK’. It helps in translating the website without any technical involvement and makes it easy to find the translated website with any search engine.

Moreover, Dakwak works as an asset in making the businesses, global. It requires no technical assistance and the system is governed by multi-layered translation machine, team and professional translation. This machine is user-friendly . All you need to do is to enroll yourself . You can simply add the content which you want to translate. The machine translation gives the instant result but the professional translation can consume some time.

Positively, Dakwak works good for you by publishing your website content translated in different languages and making it easily available via search engine. It is really helpful in localizing your website. If you want to improvise the SEO in the translated language then it can also be done by translating the metadata.

As far as its pricing is concerned then it’s a good thing to hear that dakwak provides free of cost trial of 14 days. The startup plan can  easily be opted in just $9 and there are business and premium plans available also. The services also involve time to time discount offers. The facility of the refund is also available. You can deactivate your account anytime and the amount for the services that you have not used will be  refunded to you by the company.

In gist, Dakwak is truly helpful in translating languages, making business global and hence, creates a new market niche for you.