BugHerd: Issue Tracker Designed for Web Developers!

BugHerd logo roundHow many times have you faced the problem of managing your web development issues and reporting them? Surely it is the most lengthy and cumbersome process of all times. But, now you don’t have track and manage issues anymore. All you need to do is focus on the solutions. BugHerd has been designed to manage the issues related to web development. It inserts a sidebar on the webpage on which you are working, allowing you to view and manage the different jobs without any need to continuously switch tabs.

It helps you to see exactly the same content which your client is seeing. It contains an elective browser extension which allows you to capture explained screenshots of the same content which your client views. There is no need to collect screenshots in Word format documents. The best part is that BugHerd works with your present instruments. It enhances your presented and ongoing workflow via collaborating BugHerd with the different assignments and customer support applications which you are already using.

The task board of BugHerd provides you with an eagle’s eye view for the entire job so that you always know what your team is up to, how it is functioning, what is left and which task is completed. It does not require any registration fee. You can easily sign up for free. However once you pass the free trial period, then for every membership, you need to pay a minimal fee.

BugHerd, being an Australian designed and built website for the web developers. It has been designed by some of the best web developers. It provides you with 100% satisfaction service. Thus, BugHerd is the one of the first issue tracking system which inserts itself directly into a webpage. This simple means that you can easily submit your feedback by making a click on the issues area of a website and adding a small notes regarding the issue.

BugHerd mechanically gets the info of what browser was the user using when they reported an issue on their website. It adds it to every reported problem so that you can easily fix it up. Thus, it allows you invited limitless guests for feedback on projects; keep your whole team updated with email notification, flexible tagging, additional information attachment with every issue and much more.