Jebbit: Learn and Earn!

Jebbit logoHave you ever thought of getting paid for the things you like and love to do? Here is an opportunity for you. Jebbit provides you with the things and content which you like and then pays you in return when you explore it. It allows you to explore your likings and get paid in return for it. The best part is you can even log in with your existing Facebook accounts and it doesn’t even upload the status on your wall. So you can earn this money in private.

Jebbit finds your areas of interest and discovers websites, clothes, items or services which you like and find interesting. Then it further helps you to explore these products, service or web sites by questioning you about the most highlighted features of the products or services. Every question which you answer correctly earns you a certain amount of cash. It is up to you to choose between keeping the earned cash or multiply it at the places you like.

With the help of Jebbit, you can easily learn about new websites, music, clothes, apps and much more. The amazing part is that it helps you earn real money for answering the question about the cool stuff you know about. There are exclusive deals for the places you learn through this question answer session. It offers running campaigns from Bose, BC Bookstore, Bluestone Bistro, Zipcar, DateMySchool and Star Street Fantasy Sports. With just the basic information about you from the Facebook such as name, gender, email address, university name and current city, it allows you to create an account and answer the Jebbit questions.

You don’t have to pay for anything ever. It pays through the medium of a secure third party and you automatically receive you cash in a couple of days. So, if you wish to use your interest and liking and earn money through them, here is your chance. Just grab Jebbit and open your account. Answer the few simple questions and earn as much as you want. You can earn up to $19 per hour if you seriously answer the questions.