KeepOne: Keep All At One Place!

Keepone logoHow many times do we wish of having all our important images, videos, music files, films, articles and all the web information at one place? Today we need everything quick and fast. And we do not want to waste a single minute of ours in searching for anything. It’s just that if we think of a file, we wish it to be in front of our eyes. KeepOne helps you sort this problem of your in a fraction of second.

It helps in the collection and organization of all your private data such as photos, videos, articles, information from the web in one place. Sometimes, there are few things which simply drive you crazy like a new fashion trend, information about newly launched mobile phones, DIY tutorials on anything and you just want more and more information and pictures regarding them. KeepOne provides you with everything you desire at one place. It also helps you to share your precious collections with your friends, colleagues, school mates, college friends or life partners. It syncs with your Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

All you need to do is sign up for a KeepOne account for free and sync all your primary accounts. There is more for you for every day. Keepone introduces innovative features every now and then. It even awards VIP privileges to those people who sign up early. So basically, KeepOne is a social network website which provides you space to keep, generate and share your social content at one place. You can even enter and access and modify your photos or content. It is your account and you are responsible for it. It is your decision whether you wish to view others content or not.

Thus, if you wish to get a secure place for your data, photos, videos or any web related content, then KeepOne is the right choice for you. Just sign up and activate your account through your email address. It is the next big thing after the social networking sites to be active on. Just share your favorite net content with your friends and family and see their amazing reactions.


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