Crowdhall: Raise Your Voice and Speak Up

crowdhall logo2Who doesn’t need a free arena to speak up and raise his voice for the right? Today’s youth is more expressive and outspoken than the past generation. At this point, Crowdhall plays a crucial role. It allows the people of today’s league to step in, speak up, say and get heard by the maximum number of people. It provides you with categories and types to find people and areas of your interest and join the town hall. It permits you to speak your heart out, make queries, give opinions and vote for the best recommendations and opinions. It even allows you to get heard and receive a public response and facilitates easy sharing.

Crowdhall is simply about your participation among public events, amplifications you make there and the response you gather from the crowd. It serves as a great location for crowd sourced town halls. The basic idea for the establishment of is to launch a public argumentative and discussion platform for high profile users and organizations to serve an unbiased purpose. It allows the crowd to classify their ideas, organize the questions for their queries and raise their voice for it in a democratic manner.

With Crowdhall, you can sign up for any sort of events, bands, campaigns, agencies, festivals, conferences, celebrities, politicians and companies. All you need to do is to host a town hall along with anyone, design customized town halls on the basis of themes, motifs, public or agenda and sets up forums which consist of several town halls and people taking part in it.


CrowdHall firstly facilitates and allows a two way discourse by providing the participants the equipments to systematize and voice their point in a liberal manner. The crowd talks, discusses, speak up regarding the good and bad points of the content and then sits back for a feedback. It is a social interactive platform for many people who wish to bring a change in our society. Unlike social media where any issue fails to rise up a well marked height, Crowdhall allows your concerns to get accessible easily to a wider audience and prioritizes the crowd’s voice.