Appsta: The App Hub

AppstaIt surely can be frustrating to look for the desired mobile app across umpteen websites where the cases of the app being a spam are high. But even that does not stop us from throwing our android and windows phones into jeopardy. Thus, a common hub of apps was the need of the hour and this is where Appsta comes into picture.

The platform of Appsta covers virtually all sorts of applications that have ever been made by developers and acts as a hub where the applications have been divided into various categories on the basis of their functionality. From Android to Windows to iPhone, Mac, Linux, Tablet or iPad; Appsta covers all applications. The nature of the website is pretty collaborative as it boasts of a wide range of tools as well as information for our gadgets. There is a provision of comparing different apps as well and this is something that allows us to select the correct application for our gadgets. Appsta has a dedicated information forum where the viewers can scroll through hundreds of reviews regarding apps and tools. But then there is a catch here. Appsta is pretty specific about the reviews which it wants to have, which is the reason why all of the reviews on the site are highly elaborative.

The toolboxes have been defined well by users and the whole set of information exchange through the site is quite user-friendly. Appsta allows users to register to the site and upon registering, gives them a pleasant opportunity to make changes to the apps. Adding to that, once a user has registered with Appsta, he/she will have access to the toolbox database and will be allowed to post reviews on the site.

Appsta can be lucrative as it gives the opportunity to make money from affiliations, advertisements and services which are available to the bloggers as well as the creators. But, just to be clear, the content of Appsta is totally different from that of the activities meant for generating reviews. Users can create as well as edit their own apps on Appsta which is the reason why it is considered as user-friendly.