Group Gel – The Fun Way To Manage Groups!

Group GelGroup Gel is a unique website that connects people of similar interests and hobbies. As the saying goes “United we stand, divided we fall”. Group Gel lets you unite and interact with your group in an easy and fun way. At group gel, one can create groups, send messages to all the members together, conduct surveys, schedule events and lots more!

The man behind Group Gel, John Marshall is a groupie himself and has been involved with and managed several groups including the YMCA, Entrepreneur’s Organization, American Cancer society and so on. He always wanted to create a platform that could simplify their group activities and let them communicate in an easier manner.

Anyone can create a group at Group Gel and invite his/her friends to sign up. There is a Dashboard where you can manage all the group activities. You have discussion forums where you can discuss topics of your interest. Whether you are the coach of the school football team, or the dance instructor of a TV dance troupe; you can create a group at Group Gel and stay connected with all your groupies.

The best thing about Group Gel is that you can instantly send across group messages. If you are the instructor of a Dance troupe, and the show scheduled next morning has been canceled, you can inform all the dance group members by sending a single message. Apart from that, you can organize and manage your events through Group Gel. If you are the head organizer of the fund raising event scheduled next week, you can invite all the members to join Group Gel, assign volunteers and duties, monitor their work, stay updated with the news and send across group messages. You don’t need to boss around, call everyone and take updates! Your Group Gel dashboard acts as the communicating medium!

Summing up, Group Gel is a great platform to manage groups. They have built a colorful and user friendly interface. The way they help you to organize things is great; especially the dashboard and discussion forums. It will prove to be an amazing solution to all group management activities! Great work Mr. Marshall!

Simeon Howard
Simeon Howard

This one really impressed me. There is a lot of potential for a platform like this. I've seen some other applications try to pull off things like this, but they didn't have the same level of execution. I'll be keeping my eye on this one.