MSI GeForce GTX 650 Ti Power Edition- A lot of power for few bucks

MSI GeForce GTX 650 Ti Power Edition- A lot of power for few bucksThe GPU’s in the middle range that have a price tag ranging from 80 up to 120 euros offer great price to power ratio, so the manufacturers try to offer as much as they can, for as little as possible. In this category are a lot of models that had at least 20 to 50% bigger price tag when they came out, but were there for a while, so the price tag went down.

MSI has introduced a version of the GTX 650Ti card, signed as Power Edition or PE. All the PE are an advanced version of the basic model, offering a lot more power and memory than it was prescribed by the chip manufacturer.

This card is really attractive, with a dominating fan with a circle shape. It is a second generation Cyclone, which has become famous exactly by its shape and also great performances. Cyclone II is meant for cooling chips that don’t have a big demand or high TDP, that’s why you cannot find it on a high-end card. That’s why it has always been overshadowed by TwinFrozr, but it is still a much greater solution than the referent fan. The fan has a big diameter of 90mm and has a specific finish on the end of the fan blades that lowers the accumulated dust and lowers the noise produced. Also, it has a Dust Removal Technology implemented that will clear every speck of dust at the start of the computer.

We like that the original length of the PCB was kept and on the board we can see a lot of high quality parts. The coils are Military Class III, which means that they have a ferrite core. The filtration of the voltage toward the graphics chip in four phases will cheer up even the most demanding enthusiasts. Additional advantage brings the software regulation of the voltage on three points (GPU, Memory,Aux), which brings the overclocking ability to another level.

The factory settings have been increased. The GPU works on 993MHz and can be easily increased to 1130MHz, with a voltage increase up to 40mV. The implemented GDDR5 1GB memory communicates with the GPU through a 128 bit interface and works on the referent value of 5400MHz.

The card has one mini-HDMI and two DVI connectors and need additional 6 pin molex power connector.

This card makes on top of every list, when it comes to a card with a value up to 120 euros.