Prezi: Communication Tool for Presentations

PreziPrezi is an application that allows you to design presentations online. It is a unique flash- based app that innovates the way you make presentation. In other words, you don’t have to worry about creating individual slides. With Prezi, you can make linear presentations and simply zoom in and a map that contains all of your presentation is shown. It is quite similar to pptPlex which also presents a type of functionality in PowerPoint.

The tool has a good design and its interface is quite impressive. But it may take a while before you get used to the idea of a presentation without having to make individual slides. But besides that, the result is that you create a much more engaging and interesting presentation.

After a bit of practice, you will see that its interface is actually intuitive. There are also a lot of videos to see that will help you get used to making presentations with Prezi.

Here are some useful Prezi Features:

  • Create non linear presentations
  • Offline creator on paid plans
  • Offline viewer on both paid and free plans
  • 100MB storage space on free plan, up to 2GB on paid plans

Basically, Prezi is perfect for anyone who wants to make presentations without having to make individual slides. This is really a great way to create engaging and interesting presentation which will surely be fun and less boring for your audience.

To register in Prezi is quite easy. All you have to do is choose a license. You can choose from a number of packages which include the free basic package. You can also enjoy the plan with 500MB of storage space. This costs $59 yearly. The other one is the Pro Package ($159 yearly) which comes with an offline editor and 2GB of space.