FlashNotes: Buy and Sell Notes

FlashNotesFlashNotes provides a chance for students to communicate with fellow classmates to help assist in their goal of academic success. Through this, students will have enhanced communication with one another which will also further their ways to learn.

So basically, FlashNotes is a medium that lets students to have the same opportunity to succeed in college by exchanging information, knowledge, and study strategies. It will be college students’ reference tool to help them study for a variety of college courses. It will also be handy for students who want to make extra money by selling their class notes.

It will be like Amazon and eBay but solely for your class notes, lecture guides, study guides, and book summaries. Here’s how to sell them on FlashNotes:

  1. Upload your quality notes, Book guides, study guides, or create flashcards to study and sell.
  2. Set your own price
  3. Use Social Media and Twitter through FlashNotes to market and promote.
  4. Email the people in your class to let them know your notes are being sold on FlashNotes!
  5. FlashNotes pays you direct deposit every friday your weekly sales money.

Once you’ve set up an account, you can upload as many notes as you want, and then you can set your own price for each set of notes. And if the notes are sold, you can have 80% of the earnings while FlashNotes keeps the 20%.

You can browse through all of the notes available at each student’s school. You can simplify the search by course or by subject. Or better yet, you can search through all of the notes available from students at other college and universities throughout the country. When you have purchased a particular note, FlashNotes will automatically send it to you in your inbox. Sign up now and join the 1000’s of students using FlashNotes today.