DiaryMemo: Online Video Diary

DiaryMemoDiary Memo is a website that brings the tradition of recording your daily thoughts into the digital, video age. It is a website where you can keep private, online video diary. With this, you can simply record video entries about your thoughts and activities. It is fast and easy way to preserve your reflections, more accommodating with current modern schedules and technology.

Keeping diaries date back centuries ago. It is a valuable approach of preserving our thoughts, whether it’s for emotional or intellectual personal growth. Truly, keeping a diary remains a cherished custom. Only now, Diary Memo helps it be more convenient.

Traditional hand- written journals is a good approach. But with technology getting a big part of our lives, it is far easier to carve our thoughts online. However, the wild proliferation of blog sites has blurred their general purpose. Also, Youtube has made recording videos a common activity, but for a varied range of reasons. Diary Memo rejoins the timeless spirit of maintaining a diary with the best of technology.

Basically, technology gives people a variety of means to record their thoughts on the internet. This has become popularly acknowledged, a phenomenon with the advent of blogs. Diary Memo merges technology and the long- practiced of keeping diary into one by allowing you to record them direct from your computer webcam.

The features offered by Diary Memo are pretty basic. However, it is planning to enhance the system with a lot of interesting features. Some of the features include:

  • location mapping for where your diary entries are made
  • historical weather information
  • in the news that day

Recording a video diary can take up 5 minutes of you time whereas writing takes a lot longer. At present we value time and convenience even more, so Diary Memo is perfect for you.