Instagam-Based Site for Food

RestaugramInstagram is a free photo sharing and social network that has gone viral over the months. In this app, you can see thousands of pictures that range on just about anything. But what if I tell you there is a similar service but is only focused on nothing but dishes that are served in restaurants? That would be great news for binge- lovers. does exactly that. With this, you can share food you’re eating to the world. You simply have to take a snap on your camera phone, and in just a few taps, you can be featured on the site. People who are looking for inspiration will find it, and say whether it has lived up to their expectations or not. Users can also comment on the photo the second they’ve seen it, and they can say the reason for trying or not trying it.

Basically, is Instagram- based site where you can find hundreds of photographs related to cooking, restaurants, and the general culinary theme. It features a keyword search in which you can put almost anything that comes to you in relation to food, may it be coffee, entrée, pizza, coke, or anything for that matter. The pictures are deployed that have something to do with the word search, both descriptively and conceptually. So simply type in what you’re in the mood for.

Also, like every other site that has been built after Instagram, lets you see the latest pictures that have been added on the homepage. Beside each picture, you can see the name and the photo of the user who has shared the image. The basic premise of this site is to gather the maximum possible images that have to do with the world of culinary arts. So far, it is doing well.