The Clash Of The Middle Class – Part 3- Asus GeForce GTX 650 Ti DirectCU II Top

Asus GeForce GTX 650 Ti DirectCU II TopThe first of the GPU’s that we are reviewing is essentially the best, ranking on the scores and as usually the quality of production is great.

As always, we are reviewing the best of each company and this from Asus means the DirectCU II in a Top variant. This company puts a lot of faith in their cooling systems and we would say that it is fully approved.

The cooler of this card makes it seem a lot bigger. The length of the cooler is as a regular GPU from a higher class, which is interesting when you see that the printed base is much shorter. Under the metal casing there is an aluminum profile that is separated in two parts, which are connecting three heat-pipes made out of copper. They are making a direct contact with the graphical chip and increase the heat transfer rate. The active coolant of the card is represented by the two fans with a diameter of 80 mm, which in automatic mode are pretty quiet. It also has elements made with the Super Alloy Power technology that incorporate coils, MosFet’s and high quality electrolytes, which lowers the heating degree and increase the longevity of the device.

The power unit is quite promising as well and it can filter the voltage towards the GPU in four phases, which is double from the standards that were prescribed. This model has 1GB GDDR 5 memory that has the ability to work at 6000MHz.

When it comes to the video connections Asus didn’t make any compromises, so it has two DVI’s, one D-sub and one mini-HDMI.

It uses an additional 6 pin Molex connector and consumes 125 W. The manufacturer’s frequencies are overclocked and in this case the core works at 1137MHz, while the memory is working at 5400MHz. The big jump, when comparing with the referent specifications of 200MHz, makes it stand out of the competition and puts it on the top.
The last thing to say is that the cooling unit is great and even when pushed to the limits it won’t heat too much, at a normal usage it will achieve 48 degrees C.