Responsa: Interactive FAQ Widget

ResponsaCurrently, Responsa launched its interactive FAQ tool to help companies answer questions from customers through an embedded widget. Succeeding a private beta testing, the platform is now available internationally to companies who want to integrate a Q&A hub to their website.

The Responsa widget can be added into any website or blog by simply adding a few lines of code, and lets visitors to address their questions to companies in a more interactive discussion format. The moderators may be able to review, answer, and manage the questions. Also, it includes a set of useful features that enables moderators to block certain question, categorize questions, and ban words and blacklist rude users. The insights features allow moderators to view statistics to determine the topics or queries frequently mentioned by visitors.

It is also useful on customers because Responsa users from across multiple sites have the choice to make one profile that lets them to view their current activities across the various sites in one place. In this regards, the users can easily keep track on all their Responsa activities.

One of the many useful features also is that you are able to receive email alerts whenever a response or a comment has been posted on your topic instead of having to bookmark and recheck all the questions to find out if they’ve been replied to yet.

There are four different plans in Responsa, all of them depends on the level of community activity. Community activity is based on the number of answers per month. But a free option is available, although it has a limit of 100 answers per month. The most expensive option which is $257/ month allows you 500 answers, and up to five moderators. So if you’re interested to have easy and interactive Q&A, get started at