The Clash Of The Middle Class – Part 1

NVidia vs AMDIn this and the following few texts we have decided to present you with a GPU comparison that would be interesting for the common users, the ones that want enough power to play the latest games, but don’t have enough money to spend on a high end GPU.

As a comparison we are reviewing the newest model from NVidia- in the midrange, the GTX 650 TI and the Radeon 7770 and the subversions made by different companies.

The company NVidia, has been dwelling in the midrange market for a couple of years, especially in the 100-140 Euro segment, where the competition has been offering better GPU’s at a smaller price.

Actually, the whole story has begun when the graphical chip Juniper came out on the market, with which the AMD domination has begun in this class. Simply put the Radeon HD 5770 has been a good enough card to have until recently. In its defense spoke even the newer iteration that got the name HD 6770, that essentially was the same chip wrapped in a new casing, holding on to the same specifications as its predecessor. But, this iteration of the card was not as successful as its predecessor, making room for an NVidia GPU to cut in.

After two models that carried the name GTS 450 and GTX 550Ti, the time came for something to change and NVidia knew that for a fact. So the newest product came with the name GTX 650 Ti and brought with it a lot of changes. This chip was based on a new GPU coded as GK 106, which is the long time anticipated plug in the whole that was left when NVidia introduced the GK 104 and GK107 and the company needed unusually long time to fill in that gap.