SuckMyTrend: Be Posted on the Latest Trends

SuckMyTrendWhat if there’s a service that allows you to be posted on all the latest trends in one place? That’s exactly what Suck My Trend is aiming to do. This UK- based startup takes a look at the latest and the greatest trends on the internet and roll them all together in one place. It focuses on social trends and hot internet searches. It is truly a unique way to be in the now. And in just 4 months, over 600,000 people have visited the site.

What’s more is that Suck My Trend is a finalist in The Startup Games, London in Summer 2012. This just shows that this site has what it takes to be the most innovative trend resource.

What Suck My Trend basically does is to track trends in tech, mobile, and web, and bring you the best news from all over the world, the latest reviews on what’s hot now, and opinion articles from able writers around the world. In fact, Suck My Trend is looking for writers from a range of genre at present.

Indeed, Suck My Trend is the place to be if you’re looking for the latest and greatest trends from a wide- range of genre; industries and categories. Right now, it’s working on its international reach, and will soon be available in various languages.

In a nutshell, Suck My Trend centers on the more social approach which allows  you to be updates on the trend by how popular they are on the internet searches, as well as how many people are talking about it on Facebook or Twitter.

Soon, this startup will focus on the demographics on its articles so as to provide statistics to individuals who are simply interested in the current fad, and before long, for businesses who what to analyze their industry and competition.