MailTamer: Manage Your Inbox

MailTamerMost of our inboxes are unorganized. They are cluttered with mails that are not at all important, and most of the time, we don’t have the time to get through each of it to figure out which ones to keep and which ones to throw away. It is just too overwhelming to deal with.

But now, MailTamer, an email productivity application for iOs, allows you to tame your inbox as well as to view your email with a sender- focused view. This startup is a mobile utility that lets you perform actions on all messages from any particular sender which will allow you to take charge of your inbox.

MailTamer sets apart from other similar services because it has a number of unique features. One of which is the sender view. With this, you can look at your email based on the sender. So if you get an email to a certain sender, you can choose to look at them, then move them in specific folder with just once swipe, one tap, and your emails will be sorted in your folder. Or else, you can delete, tag, or create a contact.

Also, it has the recipient view, traditional view, and the contact view. It helps people manage their inbox and it helps people get to what we call the “Zen of the Zero Inbox” very quickly and really save a lot of time. At present, it is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. But for the computers are also in the works.

You can download and purchase MailTamer at iTunes for $1.99. The current version is version 1.3.1, and it includes all the bug fixes addressed in the previous issues, and it supports the latest iPhone as well as iOs 6. This also includes the recipient view that allows you to show email grouped by recipient.