Readmill: Making Reading A Social Experience

ReadmillReadmill is an iPad app and accompanying Web site that helps users highlight passages in the e-books they are reading, and turns those passages into shareable, embeddable permalinks. Just as you post Youtube videos on your blog or any site for that matter, Readmill will allow you to share quotes.

There is a beautiful twist in this, though. An underlying social network exists that allows any users to follow each other’s reading histories. That is to say, they can post comments and mini reviews about the book that they are currently reading, which could help inform book recommendations.

The basic premise of this app is to give readers the faculty to upload their Kindle library, discover books, share highlights notes, and comments, and start conversations with other users. This may just be the easiest way to discover books through mutual interests.

With its unique features like the one that quantifies personal reading stats by visually depicting users on how far along they are in a book and how much they’ve read per session, defines the app from other similar services. It is simply beautiful, simplistic, and functional.

The goal is to transform book reading into a social activity that brings together readers through their e-reader and to grab a share of the booming E-book market, and by far it is succeeding. It integrates seamlessly with the Kindle and iPad, and has an API for developers to create custom apps. It’s a masterpiece of a site that takes the idea of e-reading a bit further.

All in all, this site is truly beautiful, interesting, and functional. It brings conversation and discovery of books a more social experience which is a powerful motivator especially when coupled with the reading habits progress bar. Sign in now to get the whole new experience.