MediaGuestConnect: A Meeting Place for Media Organizations and Talents

MediaGuestConnectIf you dream of sharing your stories in a wider audience but don’t have any idea as to how you might accomplish that, then Media Guest Connect might be the perfect solution. It may just be your stepping stone to be seen or heard. Media Guest Connect (MGC) is an online platform where media organizations and guests connect with one another. MGC provides a convenient place to meet for all the interested parties. It offers a broad, accessible community with great potential for expanding audiences.

MGC is highly- inclusive unlike other similar sites that are gear towards specific skills, or have qualifying factors such as age, work history, budget, etc. MGC doesn’t restrict membership, all the following are welcome:

  • Media rookies
  • Repeat guests
  • TV and radio stations
  • Publishers, publicity firms, and other media organizations
  • Speakers and speaking agencies

It basically simplifies the search for finding the right people. You can look by name, location, category, or appearance fee. To look for a media outlet, you can simply type in the program listing, format, audience age, or medium. Currently, it is a community composed of motivational speakers, health and wellness experts, business consultants, real estate coaches and experts, radio and Internet radio shows.

MGC’s basic premise centers on providing an easy- to- use website that fits all its purposes, that is to give users a quick and uncomplicated way to search for a way to re- connect with one another. The size of the network will play a large role in determining value for users.

To sign up for a basic membership at MGC is free for both media and guests. The free package is inclusive of profile for sharing credentials, available throughout the community, and permits database searches. Guests may upload one audio track, and will appreciate the free advertising of their skills, products, or services.