Zagster: Bike-Sharing and Rentals

ZagsterIn some highly populated areas with heavy traffic jams, a car is less likely to be the more efficient way of transportation. And walking is not a good alternative if you have to travel a longer distance. Now, more and more people are switching to using bikes as an alternative for cars. This is where the new startup called Zagster comes in.

Zagster is a Boston- based startup that thinks it’s important to implement a city- wide system in Boston that makes using bicycles as a form of transport convenient. With Zagster, bike sharing and rentals throughout the city has become far easier than before. You can rent a bike for just a few hours of the day, and it is available 24/7.

This service is previously known as CityRide. It aims to provide a service to people who have a long commute one way. Now, there are competing services that offers assistance for shorter two- way trips. What’s best is that the bicycles loaned to users by Zagster are free to the end user. The company hopes to be an amenity used by apartment complexes and businesses to lure in workers and residents.

However, for businesses or apartment complexes, Zagster wukk charge a monthly fee for bicycles, maintenance, and distribution center. The fee would just be $100 each month for each bike. All you need to do is to reserve the bikes online and then unlock the bike from the distribution center on the property using a smart phone.

In a nutshell, Zagster is a service that places bikes where people live, work, and visit. Zagster has already founded and launched property managers, universities, businesses, and hotels that are willing to cover the costs of providing bike fleets as an amenity. Since then it has been in service at 55 different locations.