Genius SP-900BT – Wireless Howler

Genius SP-900BTGenius has been on the market for a long time and mainly they have introduced external control units and speakers that range from low end, to midrange and even high end. We have introduced some of them on the reviews, but we haven’t introduced a wireless speaker like this one.

This Genius model has the ability to connect wirelessly to any phone via a Bluetooth 3.0 connection and stream audio. As an addition it can work as a loudspeaker, so that you hear the other person on it and communicate, via the built in microphone. It has only 2W of power, but you will be amazed from its power. It has a slick retro design with a front grill that is covered by cloth.

In a park, on a bike, you can play several hours of music via your phone. The Bluetooth connection has a range of about 10m. Genius claims that the speaker can last up to 10 hours on its own power, but in reality the speaker works for max 4 to 5 hours before it goes into an energy saving mode, thus lowering the maximum output power by half, so that it will preserve power and last for that long.

It can be charged by a USB dongle using the computer and it needs about three hours.

The speaker can connect to the phone using a standard 3.5 mm cable, thus increasing its work time, because in this case the Bluetooth receiver is off.

Genius SP-900BT is a great solution, when the speaker strength of your phones’ speaker is not enough. The wireless connection of this speaker/ microphone combo is a great solution, but it increases its price greatly. Thus it achieved a price of $40 that makes it a Ferrari when compared to the other “howlers”.