Toast: The Social Wish List

ToastToast is the iPhone app pana cea to bad gift- giving. It is basically a social wish list app that allows anyone to create a universal wish list from just about anything they see online, may it be products from real stores, or other services like a cool night out with friends.

Anyone can view friends’ wishes and add them to their own personal wish list. You can simply create a list of things you really want, like a pair of shoes you’ve been dying to have, a new pair of sunglasses, anything! Then your family and friends can make it as a reference when the occasion warrants.

A wish list can easily be viewed by anyone through the web, and you can be notified when a friend’s birthday is approaching so you could check on their wish list in advance. If none of your friends or family is using the app, you can still make sure they see your wish list via web.

Indeed, Toast benefits both the person receiving the gift and the one giving it. The family or friend giving the gift can now have a better gifting experience because they won’t be clueless and anxious on what to give the person. The receiver, in turn, gets better gifts.

The basic premise of the app, Toast is pretty simple. By having a wish list, the burden of gift- finding is lifted, and shifts it from the giver to the recipient. Also, it changes the timeline for when it takes place. If before your friends or family are worrying about finding out a decent present in the days that lead up to the occasion, now, Toast can make that as the year- round responsibility of the list’s author. The app is now available for free in the iTunes App Store.