Intel Z2760 – Atom Strikes Back

Intel Z2760Intel has been falling behind the tablet game for a while now and last they have incorporated their Atom processors was in the Eee notebooks that have long been forgotten. Now, they want to claim their throne back with their newest Atom iteration that according to them will be much stronger and faster than every competitor’s processor.

They have introduced the Z2760 processor that has already been implemented in a lot of tablet hybrids, which are going to be unveiled with the launch of Windows 8 on 26th of October, or later. This processor is based on Clover Trail architecture and it is a dual-core 1.8GHz processor that according to Intel can be implemented in the thinnest ultrabooks, tablets measuring up to 8.5mm and weighing 1.5 pounds.

The dual-core processor has a four-thread SoC, which will provide a long battery life, according to them, providing more than 3 weeks in standby mode and more than ten hours, watching a full HD video.

The processor is made in a 32nm technological process, with the usage of a second generation high-k (metal gate) transistors.  The Z2760 processor has an integrated GPU that can clock up to 533MHz and a hardware acceleration that can decode and encode 1080p video.

The processor can support one internal (MIPI-DSI, LVDS) display and an additional external HDMI 1.3 connection type display.

It has Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology and Intel Burst incorporated and it comes with a 32bit dual-channel memory Controller that supports LPDDR2 memory, 800MT/s data rates and capacity up to 2GB.  It has an internal ISP that can support HD cameras up to 8 MP, and an additional camera up to 2.1 MP. It also has an integrated multimedia card.

With this chip Intel is hitting the market and providing a full Windows 8 experience on a tablet with ease.