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MediaGuestConnect: A Meeting Place for Media Organizations and Talents

MediaGuestConnectIf you dream of sharing your stories in a wider audience but don’t have any idea as to how you might accomplish that, then Media Guest Connect might be the perfect solution. It may just be your stepping stone to be seen or heard. Media Guest Connect (MGC) is an online platform where media organizations and guests connect with one another. MGC provides a convenient place to meet for all the interested parties. It offers a broad, accessible community with great potential for expanding audiences. Continue reading

BluffBust: A Fun Lie Detector Game

BluffBustIf you think you are already good at detecting lies, think again. Because you might be surprised how wrong you could be when you try out this new startup called BluffBust.

BluffBust is a social game that improves your lie detecting skills. People on BluffBust can share their own stories and then you can decide if it’s real or lie. Simply watch the video and make the call. Guess whether it’s the truth or pure tall tale by clicking “Truth” or “Lie.” Continue reading

Oppo Find 5 – Thinnest Phone With The Best Screen On The Market

Oppo Find 5This Chinese company is not that well known outside its country, but they have introduced phablet (phone-tablet), that is nothing but revolutionary, in today’s sense of the word. Their product has stirred a lot of dust, because of the performances and its overall dimensions that are not matched so far.

The phablet is called Oppo Find 5 and it has a 5 inch screen that has a resolution, which even Apples products dream of. Its 5 inch screen works in full HD (1920×1024) 1080p resolution that measures 441ppi, which are more than 100 pixels per inch, when compared to Apples iPhone 5. Continue reading

GiftHit: Send Gifts Friends through Facebook, Email, or SMS

GiftHitA website and Facebook app called GiftHit is a fun way to send friends fun, personal gifts from local hangouts instantly through Facebook, email, or text. Sending gift cards to friends is actually a good idea but giving them that plus a real beer via a wallpost is way cooler.

The gifts you can give can range from late night wings, mani-pedis, and concert tickets to your friends by Facebook wall post, email, or text. “It’s the best way to say hi, happy birthday; sorry I stole your boyfriend, congrats, and just about anything.” Continue reading

Flevy: The Business Documents Marketplace

FlevyFlevy is a marketplace for business documents specifically the ones that are used by people who work in a business function. The documents varies from Excel Financial Models to customizable PowerPoint Templates to “How- To” Business Frameworks. It basically helps those who are in the Marketing, IT, and Corporate Finance industries explore and access vital documents like:

  • Blue Ocean Strategy Primer
  • LBO Valuation Model
  • Cost Drivers Analysis Framework
  • Research Report-cum-Financial Model
  • Crawl Walk Run PowerPoint Template Continue reading

iPad Mini – Is It All That We Were Expecting?

Apple iPad MiniMacintosh didn’t roll over and die after the death of their CEO Steve Jobs as everyone feared, instead they are introducing new products all the time and some of them wouldn’t be here if he was leading the company. Now, the hype that was started about the iPad mini has come to an interesting end, with its reveal. The speculation about its form and overall design was disproven and the newest product is getting ready to hit the shelves on the second of November.

Firstly, this iPad will be in a tight battle with the Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD. Continue reading

BuenosAiresMusic: Complete Guide to Finding Live Music

BuenosAiresMusicBuenosAiresMusic is a clear, informative website that aims to be the one- stop spot for music lovers in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jesse Rosenfield, founder of this site, wants to give artists, musicians, and teachers a way to showcase and promote their events in a way that would be highly visible to anyone.

When you enter the BuenosAiresMusic homepage, you get to see a big slideshow of upcoming events. And when you click on the little dots on the lower right hand corner, you can scroll through events by twos. These are the hotspots of the site, and this is where you want your band to be. Continue reading

Amirite: Share Your Views

AmiriteIf you are looking for a place to share any of your thoughts and opinions, then amirite? is the right place for you. In this site, people can post a simple question followed with “amirite?” Then, they can agree with it with “Yeah you are” or disagree with “No way!” The discussions range from funny jokes to serious political debates. It’s quite entertaining. Plus, it’s very easy to use!

To use amirite, you don’t need an account. You can immediately start posting, commenting, and voting minus the hassle of setting up an account. Continue reading

Lenovo IdeaPad U310 – A Cheap Ultrabook

Lenovo IdeaPad U310After all the new and expensive ultrabooks that we have reviewed made by Lenovo, the time has come to introduce an older, but cheaper one. It belongs to the IdeaPad series that is aimed at the low end of the market that is the most vast consumer part and in that part of the market it is the hardest thing to be unique. This ultrabook doesn’t shine with hardware, or with its design or manufacturing process, but it sticks out with its price.

The one that we are reviewing goes with the suffix (59336184) and it is the only one in this series that doesn’t have Ivy Bridge architecture.  Continue reading

AmberCart: Integrate A Shopping Cart To Your Site

AmberCartAdding an e-commerce to your website or blog is not as hard now that AmberCart is here. It is an innovative but inexpensive way in creating a cart straight on your product page. Your buyers don’t need to leave your website when they checkout. It will be more convenient to them since AmberCart has a direct approach that draws out trust and confidence.

AmberCart will allow you to sell your products direct to your blog or your website by pasting one line of provided code into it. Continue reading