PostMaven: Stand Out in Craigslist

PostMavenPosting to Craigslist is super easy, although standing out is not. A startup called PostMaven is going to change that. It is an innovative online marketing tool to help you make memorable online ads. With this, people will be more compelled to contact you, thus having great ads is crucial for your success in Craiglist.

PostMaven makes sure that the ads you create are not only compelling and informative, but it also promises a feature with eye- popping layouts that gets multiple pictures to be noticed. It also helps you to determine the interest and traffic you make with your ads, and how well it converts leads into buyers.

For a limited time, PostMaven will be totally free. So create a free account now, it’s quite easy! And once you’ve finished creating one, you can immediately login and create a new ad to get started. You can browse through the library of designer templates and choose the item that suits your needs. After that, your selected template will appear in the very easy to use editor. Simply hover over the image and text areas then click to edit where you want to customize. When you’re done, you can directly publish your ad by simple copying and pasting your code into your post. Saved ads will appear in your account dashboard.

PostMaven is definitely easy to use with feature templates for all categories like property management, real estate, employments, auto dealers, and those  looking to unload extra stuff around the house. As for heavy users, PostMaven, provides an intuitive dashboard, organizational tools, and custom URLs.

The PostMaven team believes that assisting customers to make their ads more compelling with their growing library of blog posts, articles, and case studies, will bring to light the ways on improving their marketing delivering better and more efficient.


Unfortunately, sooner or later, Craigslist will find ways to disable the posts created just like they did to VFlyer, Postlets and about all the other software out there... They are excellent in eliminating any competitor advertising on their site. I signed up on PostMarven account, and willing to try, but I have my expectation low as far as the performances on Craigslist… Make no mistake Craigslist knows how to manipulate their site, change on monthly basis their algorithms and make impossible keep posts alive - other than their generic ones. The ugly, unprofessional looking and unreliable… flying in and out, ghosted, flagged.