Amazon Kindle Fire HD – A Bundle Of Improvements

Amazon Kindle Fire HDAmazon is on fire this week. After they introduced the Paperwhite Kindle, Amazon introduced two Kindle Fire HD tablets.  Let’s get directly to the specs.

One of the Kindle Fire HD tablets is an update to the now old Kindle Fire 7 incher and the other one is an 8.9 incher. The 8.9 inch one has an overall weight of 566g and 8.8mm thickness that makes it thinner and lighter than the Paperwhite Kindle. When it comes to storage Amazon has amped the previous 8GB of storage space and now it measures 16GB and provided additional storage space on the cloud. It runs on a slimmed down version of Android ICS and it has the new browser by Amazon that provides faster page loading, improved browsing and full-screen browsing.

The 7 incher has a 1280×800 pixel HD screen and the 8.9 incher brings a 1920×1200 pixel screen, both of which have Gorilla Glass protection. The screens are with IPS technology and have a “True wide polarizing filter”, thus the screens should provide vibrant colors, great contrast and great viewing angles. Also, they are pointing out that the screens are laminated, which will give a greater glare resistance, making it a perfect tablet for outdoor usage.

The new Fire HD has an improved OMAP4470 dual-core processor than its predecessor and a better GPU (SGX544) and they claim that it’s even better than the Tegra 3. They followed Samsung in the audio department and offered dual speakers made by Dolby Digital Plus, just for these devices.

When it comes to the connectivity it has a HDMI port and Bluetooth and also it is 4G LTE compatible. In addition to this they implemented a dual Wi-Fi antenna, thus eliminating the problem of covering it and according to their claims it offers a much greater reception than the competition.

There is a bundle of Amazon applications that are hitting the market with the release of Fire HD that are going to make this tablet a hot bargain. It will be on the market on 25th of October and the English prices are £129 for the 7 inch and £159 for the 8.9 inch.