iKrut: The Easiest Online Recruitment System

iKrutiKrut is a free Applicant Tracking System. That is to say, it allows users to recruit new employees in a much quicker, cheaper, and more timesaving that using the traditional approach of recruitment. To use iKrut effectively, you don’t need to have a hardware, software, or training. Everything is made a lot simpler.

Basically, this service helps you attract the candidates for the jobs. Then, it does all the hard work for you and arranges interviews, rejects unqualified candidates, and collects references on the successful candidates. It will practically let you save time and reduce costs. This is very ideal for small to medium sized businesses hiring 20- 200 people a year.

The basic premise of this is to speed up the process of recruitment by arranging and organizing the normally time- consuming tasks more dynamically. For instance, with the use of this service it is possible to have CVs that are mailed to you for any specific position to be categorized in order. This approach is more orderly and convenient that opening an inbox with 100 CVs in a jumbled order.

Not only that, you can also carry out bulk actions, such as rejecting multiple candidates at once very easily. It also makes collecting the references or requirements from potential candidates a smoother and automated task.

These features mentioned are only a few elements that highlight the effectiveness of iKrut. It has more functionality that will surely make the process less tedious and more efficient like building your own database for jobseekers and more. Users can use the new Video Application form to view candidates taking out the need for a first interview also, questions can be added which can remove any unsuitable candidates who have applied to the vacancy. What’s best is that you can use iKrut for a completely free of charge.