First wing powered human flight – Icarus would be proud

First wing powered human flight All the past decade people have been hanging on green life, concerning about how they travel and how they can lower the poisoning of the planet. Going green has led into some remarkable inventions this decade and now this one is really going to make Icarus proud. So, forget your normal way of traveling to work or to any kind of destination because we are presenting you with the human flight. How? Just strap on your human bird wings and fly to work.

A Dutch inventor called Jarno Smeets has made working human wings. There is also a video of his maiden flight, where he flaps his wings and achieving a 60 second flight, soaring through the air like a bird. The design has been inspired by the Albatross according to Smeets.

He made the wings by sawing together a windsurfer mast and putting on it kite fabric. The wings even though are quite long weigh just 37 ounces. To control the flight and achieve enough power needed for lift-off he uses Turnigy motors, smartphone accelerometers and two Wii controllers.

The needed power doesn’t come fully from his physical strength; his flapping generates merely 5% of the needed power for lift-off, so the other 95% come from the motors which provide 2.000 Watts of power.  The whole system is wirelessly connected, meaning he needed the ability of the Wii remotes connected to the smartphone, so he can give the appropriate commands to the motor.

With this he became “THE BIRD MAN” achieving what generations before him couldn’t and all due to modern technologies.

Imagine his idea taking flight in the near future. So one day you can say- I’m not taking the bus today to work I have brought my own wings. Hope this dream will come true some day and we wish THE BIRD MAN all the best.