Nokia Lumia 820 – Lumia For The Masses

Nokia Lumia 820Nokia has presented their flagship, which was supposed to be the head runner in the introduction of Win8 phone platform, but was beaten by Samsung’s ATIV S. The phone was presented, but is waiting for the official start of Win8 shipping. While we are waiting for 26th of October, which is the official Win8 release date, Nokia is keeping in pace and they have introduced the Lumia’s 920 little brother, Lumia 820. This one is meant for the masses and will come with a cheaper price, while the specs are slightly altered, according to the bigger brother.

This phone keeps the original design in check, keeping the same polycarbonate body of the Lumia 920, but at the same time offers diversity with its changeable back cover, thus introducing to the user a multiple color choice for their newest best friend. This phone also has a wireless charging capability as the bigger brother and the wireless charging strip is inserted in all the back covers that come with it.

It has a 4.3 inch Clear Black OLED screen with 800×480 pixels resolution. The screen of this phone is flat, opposed to the previous Lumia devices. It has the same Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor working on 1.5GHz and 1GB of internal working memory. It has 8GB of storage space, but it can be expanded by the microSD slot find behind the back cover. It has an 8MP camera, which will not incorporate the PureView technology presented in the Lumia 920, but it has Carl Zeiss optics and a dual LED flash.

The good thing is that the back cover is easily opened, thus giving the user the ability to change the relatively small 1650 mAh battery.

The price of this phone is still unknown and it will be available at the same time they put the Lumia 920 on the market.