GroupTalent: Hire Competent Tech Teams

GroupTalentBuilding a competent tech team is not exactly a walk in the park. But a new resource by the name of GroupTalent will allow you to hire a pre- assembled team of software engineers all at once. GroupTalent is the marketplace for high- end software projects that attracts and vets for only the highest paid developers and the best paying projects.

This is a great solution if you’ve thought of acquiring a team and not individuals. Whether you have an idea that needs building, or if your company is trying to branch out and you need to quickly get a competent team, then GroupTalent is for you.

In GroupTalent, you can find teams of developers and designers who have already done the work with great results. This site also lets devs build and showcase their own team as well. You can put together a group if you are working with other devs at an open- source project or a small startup, or if you’ve work together before.

Not only can you work with an established dynamic with familiar members, but you can also command higher salaries as a group that you might as individuals. Also on this site, teams can make group profiles with information from GitHub and LinkedIn. You can indicate areas of expertise and roles of members of the team.

On the other hand, employers can benefit by meeting their hiring goals more quickly. And you can be in peace knowing that your new co- workers will have an established dynamic and work effectively together.

It is acknowledged that the most effective talent in the world is motivated by genuine interest in solving problems. GroupTalent helps by matching the best team to each project based on skill sets and expressed interest. So whether you’re a dev team or a hiring company, you can be sure that you’re talking to vetted professionals.


Tried once. Not good experience. Developer using some sort of .net generator to generate Obj C codes. Lousy app architecture that gives performance issue. And Grouptalent still say the developer was very experienced and popular. Wasted money! Wasted time.

Andrew Kinzer
Andrew Kinzer

Hey James, this is Andrew from GroupTalent. This doesn't sound like a project that actually happened on the service, would you mind shooting us an email ( so we can clear any misunderstanding up? Thanks!