Samsung ATIV S -The First One

Samsung ATIV SAmong all the new stuff presented on IFA this year in Berlin, Samsung surprised the public with their presentation of Samsung ATIV S, the first phone to work on Win8 platform. This was a big surprise, because everyone was waiting for Nokia to be the head runner in this department. Again Nokia is falling behind with its delivery, but as they are announcing they are going to present new technologies with the new line of Win8 phones.

Samsung is still the first and the phone that they have introduced is by itself great. The ATIV S is made out of brushed aluminum casing, instead of plastic, but still it has a great feel, because it is well balanced and has a really sturdy, long lasting look. The other great fact is that it is only 8.7mm thick, which makes it the slimmest phone. The phone has a physical Win button in the middle and sensor buttons on the side.

The phone is a 4.8 incher, with a HD Super AMOLED screen, coated with Gorilla glass 2. The processor is not top of the line, but it is enough to ensure smooth work on the new Win8. It is a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, accompanied with Adreno 225 GPU and it has 1GB of working memory. The ATIV S comes in two versions, one with 16GB and the other with 32GB of inside memory.  Both variants have an internal microSD slot for expansion. On the back there is an 8MP camera with a LED flash, capable of 1080p-30fps recording and front facing 1.9MP one. In the connection department it is a fully equipped phone, including NFC and a micro USB port.

The last thing to say is that it has a big battery 2300mAh, which will surely endure a full day of torture. This is one hell of a flagship device for the upcoming Win8.