Philips 46PFL9707 – TV Of The Year

Philips 46PFL9707Philips over the years has introduced a lot of new technologies to the TV market. Now on IFA they introduced their flagship TV 46PFL9707, which includes their own technology that makes the 3D be flicker-free via an active shutter. Even though Philips incorporates passive 3D in the lower end TV’s, their high end TV’s use active shutter technology in their 3D glasses. The passive ones are flicker free, but the active provide maximum clarity. On this TV, with their new technology, this shouldn’t be a problem.

This TV’s specs are not ending there with all the innovations. This TV incorporates Philips last year boom of technology, a filter that eliminates any reflection from the background, called Motion Eye TV, which by itself increases the contrast of the TV up to 15,000,000:1. This makes the dark colors seem darker and bright colors to pop out, while not reflecting anything from the back. In addition to this it incorporates their HD Engine, called Perfect Pixel and also Micro Dimming Premium, which boosts the contrast and shows more vivid colors. To continue, it has a three times improved Bright processing and also LED PRO technologies, which combined with the Micro Diming Premium, give out one of the best pictures so far. It also has the ability to dim the LED lights independently in 240 segments.

With the TV comes a double sided remote that has a keyboard on the back side, which can be used for the smart capabilities of the TV and it has a built in accelerometer, allowing it to be used in a Wii style. This TV incorporates their Ambilight Spectra XL- lighting system and SoundStage feature, which means that it has built in speakers that can be used as wall-mount.

The features of this TV don’t seem to end. It has surely deserved to be the top TV for this year, but this entire tech doesn’t come cheap. It costs £2,500.