Monthly Archives: September 2012

Motorola Razr i – A Brand New Start

Motorola Razr iMotorola made an exclusive multi-year multi-model agreement with Google at CES 2012 and now they are introducing one of their first baby’s on the market. They called it the Motorola Razr I and as before it keeps the line of the previous Razr phones.  One of the best things about this partnership is that Motorola is coming back on the market with great success and great anticipation by the public.

Because of this union we expected something extraordinary from Motorola and they didn’t disappoint.  This phone is one of few that are using Intel’s chipset and processor. Continue reading

Wello: Work Out At Your Convenience

WelloWello brings trainers and clients together for a fun, personalized, and convenient training sessions over live, two- way video. Wello allows clients to work out anywhere as long as they have their laptops with them, with the personal trainer experience. As for trainers, revenue opportunities will like to increase as Wello fill vacant time of the day.

Simply put, Wello enables anyone to get training sessions at their convenience. Users simply need to have their laptop, a web connection, and webcam to begin scheduling and taking personal fitness classes.  Continue reading

LG Optimus G – A Great Flagship

LG Optimus GLG has announced and now confirmed their new flagship model, the one to lead the next generation of LG phones, in design as in performances. This phone is still not out yet, but firstly it will find its place in Korea (in its birth place) and after that it is expected to continue its tour in England. The phone by itself is a marble, whilst it keeps LG’s previous design with certain upgrades.

The design of the phone as we said kept the previous rectangular design, but its back cover is glass-coated and it will provide different patterns according to the light. Continue reading

Practutor: Adaptive Learning Platform

PractutorPractutor  is an adaptive learning platform to help students excel in Math and English. Basically, Practutor is established to focus on the students. Since most students find it difficult to love these subjects, Practutor aims to solve this challenge and make students be more enthusiastic in learning Math and English.

Indeed, Practutor is virtually effortless and very intuitive for students to use. Continue reading

HTC 8X – Is It Up For The Challenge

HTC 8XHTC is coming back strong on the market and now they are trying to overcome the market by introducing their new phones with Win8. To do this, they are introducing their line of Win8 phones and they have two representatives, one for the high-end market and another for the midrange. The HTC 8X- or Windows Phone 8X is their high-end response to Nokia’s Lumia 920. But is it good enough?

The phones’ design looks awesomely familiar, but with its own charm. It has a very slim bezel and the back of the uni-body is slightly curved, with curved edges on the sides. The back panel is made out of smooth high end plastic. Continue reading

GroupMap: Brainstorming With A Twist

GroupMapBrainstorming is an essential part to come up with great new ideas to improve business strategies. GroupMap is a real- time, collaborative brainstorming with a twist. It basically shows you what the group is thinking by combining views and ideas of individual participants. Through that, a significant insight is provided that eventually leads to a group, collective learning and effective decision making.

With GroupMap, you can improve engagement and participation greatly. Continue reading

HTC 8S – Midrange Win8

HTC 8SAs everyone is eagerly awaiting the coming out of the new Win8, the tensions are rising and we see more and more Win8 phones on the market. This is the case with HTC 8S, which is a midrange response by HTC for this upcoming battle. The phone is also called Windows Phone 8S. This phone will come out at the same time with its stronger brother the HTC 8X and they both have to satisfy a part of the market.

The phone doesn’t scream out anything special. It is a midrange phone with midrange specs. Continue reading

Cronsync: Time Tracking And Accounting Web Application

CronsyncWhen crucial organizational structures go off track, complications and frustrations are sure to be expected by freelancers or small business owners dealing with multiple clients and ongoing projects. But Consync, a web- application that aims to simplify this hurdle offers independent business owners tools to manage time, invoice clients, and review project statistics accessible through desktop computers or mobile phones. Continue reading

iPhone 5 – Revolutionary???

iPhone 5The hype of iPhone 5 has come to an end with its introduction and the specifications are in, so the big questions on every one’s mind is if it is a revolutionary new product, or just a minor improvement. According to the Apple worshipers it is a revolution that is going to bring every other company to their knees, but to the rest of the world it could have been better. The specifications are behind the rest of the companies flagships and can be said that are mediocre, but enough to run its iOS and everything that you throw at it. Continue reading

Zanks!: Effective Mobile Loyalty and Marketing

ZanksInstead of royalty cards, Zanks!, replaces it by an application in your phone. In this regard, you can get direct connection with your favorite stores at your fingertips. As for business, you can use the app to send customers exclusive discounts and promotions. Zanks! Help you track what they like and buy to make sure you come up with great offers that they love. Continue reading