LG Optimus L5 E610- Mixed Meat

LG Optimus L5 E610Except with a mass production, the Korean manufacturers can also brag with their extremely good strategy for sales of their products. There is practically no user that cannot find some of Samsung’s or LG’s Android phone that isn’t made just for them.

LG Optimus L5 is one of those models that are made for every ones taste or pocket. It is practical, with a great quality and it is cheap and it comes with Ice Cream Sandwich. It comes with a wide screen that will provide relaxed typing, while packing a great camera and a bit of a confusing user interface. If the software guys didn’t mix everything up it would have been an almost perfect phone. One of the features that we don’t like is that they switched Recent Apps key with a key that calls the context menu. One of the reasons for this move is the relatively slow processor, which is the old Snapdragon 800 MHz, which wouldn’t handle the original ICS. That this phone is working at its peak we can see during working with massive apps and when you try to call some option or scroll the screen. It comes with 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM as well as a microSD card slot that handles maximum 32GB cards.

We have no remarks for the design. It has a plastic housing. The lid has a texture and metallic-silver edges making it look quite expensive.

The four inch screen gives it a great typing surface, but it has a low pixel rate, measuring only 320×480 pixels. Its 5MP camera gives out great pictures and above average video recording. The only thing that is slowing the camera down is the processor, giving it a slow wake up time. It has even an option of Touch focus.

The last thing that is great is that they implemented an NFC chip, making it one of the cheapest phones that have this technology.  All in all the impression that we have about it are mixed, but we feel that it will find its place in a lot of pockets.